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Calum’s Column

Before the birth of there was Calum’s Column.

I originally started the blog with no real purpose, other than to update people on the things I was doing in order to achieve my dreams and hopefully inspiring others in doing so. However, soon after starting the blog I decided to dress as Scooby Doo for a week in order to raise money for charity, this lead to the blog becoming a day-by-day update of my ‘adventures’ – one of which was meeting Ms. Dynamite.

After the Scooby Doo diaries, the blog returned to its original purpose and my contributions slowed. Nevertheless, it is an example of my early writing and features some of the things I did in order to progress while I was studying.

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The Co-Mics

When I started at the University of Hertfordshire one of the first things I did was sign up to present on the student radio station, Crush.

Myself and Samuel Recko (my original co-host) found the stand at the Freshers’ Fair, attended the induction meeting and with a bit of last minute genius, the name ‘The Co-Mics’ was thought up.

From October 2008 through to October 2011 I presented on the station and saw it grow from a small shack to a very expensive studio that homed two streams (Crush and Crush Underground). ¬†In our final year, Sam was replaced by Kela Lewis-Morin (a close friend of both of ours who had often featured as a guest) as he was no longer staying in the area. The show continued to be a success and was arguably one of the most popular shows on the station. I also joined Crush’s committee as Head of Music (Crush Underground) and Head of Interviews at The Forum Hertfordshire.

I owe a lot to Crush and the team. The station helped me to grow and develop my passion for presenting, and in hosting the SRA Conference in 2011, I was also given the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Here is a demo I created with Kela in our final year…

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