FAME Entertainment

The talent and lifestyle magazine that was distributed across colleges, universities, train stations, shopping centres and cinemas across Hertfordshire is no longer published. Furthermore fameonline.co.uk is no longer active.

FAME was founded by Deji Osobukola with the intention to showcase the talent featured in the magazine and the talent behind the magazine. It would include some of the most promising talent within the areas of Fashion, Arts, Media & Entrepreneurship and would also include advice from some of the most successful individuals within these industries, including Terry Mansfield CBE, former CEO of The National Magazine Company who also mentored the publication.

However on 10th April 2012, Deji – a beloved friend and mentor to many of the FAME team – tragically passed away from a brain aneurysm. For numerous reasons this lead to the closure of FAME.

His legacy will continue through the success of all those FAME helped during the three years it was running and as a memorial to the talent behind the talent magazine Deji has been featured on the cover of the final issue of FAME – an issue he helped to create.

Many thanks to all those that were involved with FAME.¬†From the team behind its creation and the senior industry leaders featured, to those that continued to read it’s articles in print and online and supported the dream.

“Keep chasing your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone stop you” – Deji Osobukola

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